Annual Survey Timetable

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Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Optimal period is April – September

Bats: Activity Surveys

Surveys run from May – September

Great Crested Newts: Breeding Survey

Optimal between mid April – mid May

Breeding Birds

Breeding period runs from March – September

Botanical Surveys

Dependant on habitats but generally runs from April – October


Optimal period is early spring and late autumn

Red Squirrel: Transect Survey

Optimal period between March – May and September – November


Species dependant, primarily in summer months

Bats: Transect Surveys

Surveys are undertaken from April – October

Great Crested Newts: Refuge Surveys

Optimal period runs from July  – October


Optimal survey period is species dependant

Bats: Risk Assessment or Preliminary Roost Assessment

Can be undertaken all year but April – October is optimal

Aquatic Invertebrates

Optimal period runs from March – June and October – November

Dormice: Cage and Hair Traps

Optimal between May – October

White-Clawed Crayfish

Optimal survey period August-September


Optimum period Spring/Autumn

Reptile Surveys

Optimal survey period April – June and September

Wintering Birds

Survey period runs from October – March

Dormice: Nest Searches

Optimal between September – March Limited in April

Pine Marten

Breeding Den Surveys March to May

Bats: Hibernation Survey

Surveys from November – February

Red Squirrel: Cone Searches

Cone Searches December to February

Water Voles

Activity Surveys occur from March – October