Sandra Manson, Director
EcoNorth have provided an exemplary service in supporting the progression of the Dissington Garden Village planning application, and continue to support the project. Their approach has been to be innovative, problem solving and delivery driven with a flare and enthusiasm that has enabled us to meet the challenges and timescales for the project. They are a delight to work with and we look forward to continuing to do so on the Garden Village and other projects in the future.

VBA Joint Venture Ltd

Peter Vickers
"EcoNorth have proved an invaluable source of assistance during all the phases of our project, from ECI, tender and construction and their professionalism has shone through, they are definitely part of the site team not a passing consultancy. EcoNorth have had the time and professionalism to explain the issues and legislation plus in-putted on methodology to use that would least disturb the ecology and be acceptable to the regulatory authorities. The ultimate plaudit is would you employ them again and the answer to that for EcoNorth is a definite yes."

Akers Land and Ecology

Rohan Akers
"Communications leading up to works were excellent. EcoNorth kept us up to date and this enabled us to take a flexible approach and complete great crested newt fencing installation efficiently and on time. Onsite working closely with EcoNorth's ecologist and land management team was a pleasure"

Brightblue Studio

Henry Amos
"We have been very impressed with EcoNorth's commitment to our project, the grasp of the complex site and the reports written satisfying the various interests from client to County Ecologist: And all for a good price. I look forward to working with them again."

SJS Potts Ltd

"EcoNorth are the default choice based on an understanding of the brief, ability to meet deadlines and cost. Making available a draft and willingness to adapt to suit the client’s needs without compromising their professional opinion, makes my life as a project manager that much easier."

Northumberland County Council

Peter Brewis
"Great attitude to guiding developers through ecological legislation and taking the lead in dealing with the environmental authorities to produce consented proposals."