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Flood Alleviation

River habitats and alleviation, Flood alleviation, Flood defence, alleviation schemes

Providing Ecology and Monitoring Services

The frequency of major flood events is increasing and the impacts are devastating. EcoNorth offer a range of ecological services and assessments that support the creation of flood alleviation schemes, restoration of flood defences and offer low impact river management interventions to reduce the likelihood of river bank erosion

We provide a range of preliminary ecological assessments (PEA) and detailed protected species and habitat surveys to inform the design and construction of flood alleviation schemes. We undertake detailed assessment of schemes including Water Framework Compliance AssessmentsHabitat Regulation Assessments and Ecological Impact Assessments , as well as advising on mitigation and enhancement opportunities for wildlife and habitats. To find out more read our case study on a live project on the River Pont, Northumberland.

Construction works to restore flood defences can be very ecological sensitive, especially when working in-stream and within or adjacent to protected or designated sites. We supported engineering company VBA as the Environmental Clerk of Works across the Lake District and Lancashire following the severe 2015 flood events and at West Newton Bridge.

Not all flood prone rivers require hard engineering solutions to stabilize these highly dynamic systems. Willow spiling is an environmentally sound soft solution that has the added value of creating new habitats for riverine species.

To find out more about the broad range of ecological and water quality monitoring services we offer get in touch for an informal chat.