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How We Do It

Morpeth Northern Bypass

Exceeding Client Expectations & Still Protecting Wildlife and Habitats

It’s not just the protection and enhancement of wildlife and habitats that we are passionate about. We understand the challenges our clients face; the tight schedules, the high cost of projects and delays, and the maze of wildlife and habitat legislation and designations faced. Throw in the complications of when you can survey for certain species, the length of time it takes to get a protected species licence and the detail of mitigation required and its no wonder that developers can be baffled by ecology. It is this very understanding which drives EcoNorth’s passion for clients too, and supporting them through the development process with a pragmatic, can do attitude reflected in our working practices.

EcoNorth’s approach is to support the client through their project development, delivery and post-construction phases with as much (or sometimes, as little) hands on advice and guidance as required. Our experience is that the sooner ecology, ornithology and/or arboriculture is considered in the project development phase the smoother and less costly the scheme is, regardless of its scale or budget.

We also like talking to people. Whether it is the client themselves, the local planners and ecologists (with whom we have a strong working relationship with), statutory agencies, stakeholders, pressure groups or local community groups we are keen to establish early on what the challenges will be for your project and then work to incorporate solutions. Of course this is only ever done with the client’s permission.

Finally it can be lonely stuck out in the field doing those bird surveys on your lonesome so we like nothing better than incorporating ourselves into your office! For more complex schemes, such as large scale residential developments or major/national infrastructure projects our experience is that at being at the heart of a multi-disciplinary team ensures that wildlife and habitat protection doesn’t become a costly delay but a genuine asset.

For further information about how we can make sure your project runs smoothly and successfully get in touch we would be delighted to hear about your exciting development.