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Protected Species & Habitat Surveys

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Providing you with a Full Range of Surveys for your Development

The UK has some fantastic wildlife and habitats, whether they be in the wilds of Scotland or at the end of your street. Many of these are protected through a complex array of European Legislation, UK Wildlife Law, Planning Policy, UK and Local Biodiversity Action Plans whose combined aim is to protect and, wherever possible, enhance those which may be rare, threatened or declining both in the UK throughout Europe. We offer surveys for all your development’s needs.

EcoNorth’s team is highly experienced in undertaking the full range of detailed protected species and habitat surveys. The aim of which is to gain a better understanding of the species and habitats within a development. This enables our clients to both design projects which are legally complaint and where possible offer enhancements opportunities for wildlife and habitats and, ensure that no harm or damage is done during and after works. Get in touch to discuss your development and surveys required.